A Complete Guide About The Best Ski Resorts In South America

When its snow-time in South America, snow-sport lovers from all around the globe find it irresistible to stay away from the alluring ski resorts here. Sliding down the snow-covered mountains cannot be any more exciting to a skier or a snowboarder. If you love these white sports, then all you need to do is join a snowboarding or ski camp that can help you enjoy your love for the sports. Most of the ski camps in South America offer excellent facilities for both beginners and experts.

Most of ski resorts are located in Penitentes or Caviahue or Las Leñas or Cerro Catedral offer excellent infrastructure that fulfill the needs of every individual skier. But before you head out to any of the ski resorts of South America, you must know about the different ski resorts available, that will help you to choose the best.

Las Leñas

Las Lenas ski resort offers ski touring and off-piste skiing on its beautiful quality of snow. If you are a beginner or at the intermediate level, you can definitely enjoy heli-ski on its slopes. The main feature here is the modern system that can make artificial snow when it’s not snowing naturally. You can enjoy both day and night skiing at Las Lenas, which is located some 450 kilometers from City of Mendoza.


First opened in 1979, Penitentes offers more than 20 trails, each varying according to different levels of difficulty based on the need of individual skiers. This ski resort has been approved by both Federación Internacional de Ski (FIS) and Federación Argentina de Ski y Andinismo (FASA).

Batea Mahuida Snow Park

Lying some 370 kilometers from Neuquén, Batea Mahuida Snow Park is owned by Mapuche Puel community. You can enjoy both downhill and cross-country skiing around the monkey-puzzle tree forests.

Caviahue Ski Resort

Caviahue ski resort is located at the foot of Lake Copahue and it also offers hot spring waters rich in volcanic minerals apart from excellent skiing facilities. This resort perhaps, offer one of the longest ski seasons of the Southern Hemisphere. You can enjoy skiing around forests of monkey-puzzle trees and conifers. Caviahue Ski Resort is located some 357 kilometers from the City of Neuquén.

Cerro Chapelco

Mount Chapelco offers one of the most beautiful settings for skiing in Argentina. With excellent snow, the mountain offers some of the best remote sites in the planet and it is very famous among people from all over the world who come here to ski on its beautiful trails. Snowboarders too, can show their talents in the parallel slalom, half pipe, fun park and big air, which are available inside the snow park.

Cerro Catedral

Cerro Catedral is located some 20 kilometers from the City of Bariloche, its beauty makes it a hot spot for millions all over the world. The height of the mountain gives a feeling that sky is the limit for it, standing some 1030 meters above sea level. The 600 hectares of skiable surface is bifurcated into 53 sign-posted tails of different difficulty levels. Cerro Catedral offers you the opportunities for off-piste skiing as well as snowboarding and freestyle with rails and bumps for skiers to show off their talents. Besides, it also has one of the best snow-making systems that are able to make real flakes that can cover up to a distance of 10 hectares. Moreover, the ski resort is well-equipped with first-class restaurants, stores, medical facilities, parking facilities and information center among a whole lot of others to make it easy for you to stay there and enjoy your passion.

Some other ski resorts of South America, especially in Argentina include Cerro Bayo ski resort, Cerro Castor which is some 26 kilometers from Ushuaia and the La Hoya ski resort that is located close to City of Esquel.

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